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smart home automation design

Design and Engineering

As the main part of our services, elaborately designed and engineered system is backbone of every  functional and reliable automation system and will prevent any mistakes or flaws later on in the project. This will be including the wiring infrastructure, equipment placement , location for every control device and customised user interface.

An automation system will engage many aspect of a building like but not limited to electrical, HVAC, interior design, plumbing and low voltage contractors. Our engineers will work closely to all the related trades, architect and general contractor to make sure everything is covered by our design.

smart home automation consulting


Our collective knowledge and experience in automation and electronics integration field will able us to provide you the products and solutions that works the best in your budget in comply with your lifestyle. Our solutions will provide which brands and technologies to be used based on collected data from you. Also we will provide our own insights and suggestions to you to pick and choose whatever works for you the most.

smart home automation lighting design

Lighting Design

Lighting is paramount in any experience. Instead of basic light switches, you can enjoy a state of the art master lighting board, giving you control over power, brightness, and customizable modes throughout the house. Lighting can also be controlled via smartphone or PC.

smart home automation audio and video

Audio And Video

Broadcast music from all over the house, or enjoy independent zone music play from many different sources such as: CD, NAS music drive library, internet radio, PC, or even through your smart phone. The same applies for movie or video streams on different displays in different zones. Audio & Video

smart home automation board room

Boardroom / Conference Room

The urge of today’s business culture won’t leave us any room for inefficiency and slowness in meeting and conferences. Thanks to technology, today you can have a very sophisticated presentation system in place that covers all the business’s necessity to meet and present you services and products in a very smooth and easy to implement ways. You can stream any audio and video from your server or personal device to any sound system or display no matter what in a fraction of a second just by pressing few buttons. Also you can have 4K quality video conference in your office or meeting room like never before.

roller shades curtain hunter douglass

Shades And Curtains

Shade control plays a significant role in energy saving. With our automation system you can control shading in your house automatically based on your settings or to be controlled by a light sensor. Shade control can also be used for security and decorative purposes. Shading is also fully customizable throughout different zones of your home.

home theater

Home Theater

Enjoy your favorite shows or movies with highest video and sound quality available in the market. Equip your customized theatre with your home's control system for ultimate luxury and convenience.

Structured Wiring And Networking

Structured wiring is backbone for every home automation systems. Our team of experts will do wiring above the building codes and manufacturers requirements not only to meet all the needs for today also makes it future proof as well.

smart home automation security camera alarm

Security And Surveillance

Monitor your property 24/7 with in HD 1080p quality cameras, and be able to record all events. Cameras can be monitored privately and securely through internet on any device. Enjoy surveillance, and emailed pictures/ notifications anywhere across the globe.

smart home automation club and bar

Commercial Automation

In commercial section based on your industry and requirements we provide you the easiest and most cost effective solution to fulfill the functions you need. With smart technology you can ahead of the game by increasing efficiency and reducing human errors in your place and also create a very pleasant experience and environment for your clients. All the system we install we design it somehow that is scalable and you can extend it later on easily.

Here Are Some Of Our Services

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